Fitzgerald - Construction | Development

As the developer, Fitzgerald Inc. brings together a team of inspired Pemberton and Sea to Sky locals to build Tenquille for turn-key convenience on Prospect Street. When you live in a small mountain town, with people who care deeply about community, simple living, and playing hard, it becomes meaningful to serve the community well with thoughtfully planned & designed developments that support that lifestyle.

Our team finds strength in solid partnerships with architects, engineers, tradespeople, and designers who have reputations for uncompromising commitments to their community and craft quality.


Dennis Maguire Architect<br />
Dennis Maguire Architect is a general practice architectural firm with over 25 years experience in a wide a range of building types including residential multi-family condominiums and townhomes in the Pemberton and Whistler area. The team at Dennis Maguire is known to work collaboratively and comprehensively. Their expertise is extensive and welcomed throughout the process.


Andrée-Anne Tardif, principal at Viewpoint Design, is a creative mind who skillfully interprets and assists in the multi-dimensional aspects of building a modern home from the development application to the finishing touches. Adept at navigating a construction site, Andrée-Anne will work closely with the team to help communicate the design vision and curate the finishes, fixtures, and the finer details. Viewpoint’s style focuses on clean and simple lines with a nod to functionality.


Danielle Menzel, Personal Real Estate Corporation
Longtime Pemberton local and multi-award-winning agent, Danielle Menzel, holds unparalleled community knowledge and gives back to Pemberton with deep sense of generosity. Danielle will be working with the team to bring Tenquille to market.